Liquid Particle count data for water treatment

Liquid Particle count data for water treatment

Model No.︰WGS267

Brand Name︰ASYS

Country of Origin︰United States

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specifications︰ Particle count data for water treatment

Advantages︰ built-in printer and a direct readout of particle counts in six size ranges make the
WGS267 ideal for measuring drinking water filter performance in the pipe gallery or in
the lab. Because the WGS267 is battery powered, simply drop the sample tube into
your grab sample, start the pump, and set the flow. Particle counts are then displayed
automatically in a variety of formats.
Sample from tanks, open streams, piping, and jars. Print results on-the-spot.
Produce graphs, tables, and spreadsheet reports.
Every part of this sampler/counter is rugged. Configuration and data communication
are accomplished with the RS485 interface, allowing the unit to function
either stand-alone (logging data for post analysis) or tied into a computer running
Met One’s water grab-sampling software.